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Italian Language Schools in Veneto

Easy Italian Language & Art (Venezia)

offers the opportunity to study Italian language and art history in Venice!
Italian language courses are held by qualified teachers, with a long experience of teaching both in Italy and abroad. Teachers use the communicative method, where students become the real protagonists of the lesson: they interact with one another and immediately put into practice what they just learnt. Particular attention is given to increasing the fundamental linguistic abilities, such as: Understanding, oral Production, written Production. The lessons take place both in class and outdoor. e-mail

E.STI.VE Eurostudi Veneto (Feltre - BL)

Our school provides the possibility of studying Italian in small groups and in the informal and friendly atmosphere of a small, historic town. Feltre is located in the North of Italy in an area of great natural beauty and is untouched by mass tourism. As the only foreigners in the town, and therefore living in a completely Italian atmosphere, the student can take the opportunity to practise Italian not only at school but also in bars, restaurants and shops. e-mail

Istituto Venezia (Venezia) - Member of Asils

Istituto Venezia – member of TANDEM ® Network, is officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, is a member of Asils ® (Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language), it coordinates Venice International University courses of Italian for foreigners, it runs internships for the Postgraduate Teaching Program of Italian for Foreigners of Ca' Foscari University, Laboratorio Itals, it hosts Italian classes for the international association «Intercultura», and it organizes study abroad programs of several universities of the United States. e-mail

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