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Italian Language Schools in Emilia Romagna

Cultura Italiana (Bologna)
Set in medieval Bologna, unspoiled by tourism, Cultura Italiana has classes with real Italians in their language and culture, cooking, wine, fashion and singing. 4 hours class and 2 of homework leave ample time to experience Italian sights, art, and culture. After 4 weeks you'll shop and dine like an Italian! We can help with anything you need in Bologna, including meeting your professional peers. e-mail

Academya Lingue (Bologna)

Academya Lingue – recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research  – has a well established experience in the field of Italian language and culture teaching to foreign students of all ages and geographical origins. At Academya Lingue students learn "la bella lingua" in a typically Italian pleasant and relaxing atmosphere through a winning teaching method (where language and culture are closely linked) and engaging weekly extracurricular activities, both recreational and cultural. e-mail

Reggio Lingua (Reggio Emilia)

Reggio Lingua is a specialized language centre for the teaching of the Italian language and culture to foreigners of every nationality and age. It not only organizes language classes and courses in preparation of the CELI and CILS examinations, but also Italian cooking courses in a local agriturismo, with the possibility to participate in guided tours and excursions as well as "homestay" courses held at our teachers' houses. e-mail

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