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Teach Yourself Italian Online
A complete and effective way of self-learning the Italian language
Learn and practice through Iluss interactive learning

 As an ILUSS STUDENTS member you will access a complete variety of learning resources: 4 level courses, tests, interactive lessons, vocabulary, in-depth reading and listening units, interactive dictations, grammar and challenging exercises, from beginners to advanced level.

ILUSS 4 month membership
For a fast and intensive learning
ILUSS 12 month membership
Courses and resources for dedicated learners


ILUSS EDUCATIONAL membership gives schools and teachers of Italian the opportunity to provide online resources for their students (maximum of 20 students for each subscription).
Members and their students can access a wide variety of learning material, from beginner to advanced level. Tests, grammar, reading, listening and vocabulary units are accompanied by notes and interactive exercises.

ILUSS- Italian Language Update School Service is a non-profit organisation which promotes the Italian language and culture abroad. It is a convenient, useful resource for students, schools, colleges, universities, libraries and teachers worldwide. Membership fees enable us to cover our administrative costs and to continue providing new learning materials.

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