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Frequent asked questions

Frequent asked questions

  • About Iluss

  • What's our philosophy?
  • How are our resources designed?
  • How do our study units work?
  • What materials do we offer to teachers?
  • What does an ILUSS STUDENT membership include?
  • What does an ILUSS EDUCATIONAL membership include?
  • What are the membership subscription rates?
  • How can I subscribe?
  • Is my online payment secure?
  • Meet the ILUSS staff?
  • How should I type accented characters on my computer?

ILUSS- Italian Language Update School Service is a non-profit organisation which promotes the Italian language and culture abroad. It is a convenient, useful resource for students, schools, colleges, universities, libraries and teachers worldwide. Membership fees enable us to cover our administrative costs and to continue providing new learning materials.

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