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Italian language courses online

Learn Italian online by yourself
A complete and effective way of self-learning the Italian language

ILUSS COURSES (demo - try and subscribe)

The aim of the ILUSS ONLINE COURSES, which include 80 indipendent learning units, is to give to learners the notions of the Italian language, life and culture so that they will feel comfortable and confident during their stay in Italy.

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Italian language students

In a short period of time, learners will be able to interact with Italians during business meetings, in restaurants, cafes, shops, public transport, discos, etc.....
Beginners will benefit particularly from ILUSS Beginner and Elementary Courses, in fact we guarantee that dedicated learners will reach an elementary skill level which corresponds to B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  • Every ILUSS course includes a structured, step-by-step series of interactive course materials.

  • ILUSS lessons are the result of long experience in teaching foreigners and have been carefully tested in class before being used.

  • Our lessons use rich, interactive media to help you learn Italian in real-life situations.

  • Structured lessons that are easy to use

  • Our web-based lessons focus on grammar, writing, vocabulary, listening.

  • Walk through key grammar, reading and writing topics.

  • Practice keyword memorization using our flashcard tool.

ILUSS- Italian Language Update School Service is a non-profit organisation which promotes the Italian language and culture abroad. It is a convenient, useful resource for students, schools, colleges, universities, libraries and teachers worldwide. Membership fees enable us to cover our administrative costs and to continue providing new learning materials.

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