Simone B.
Detailed language tuition profile
Name: Simone
Age: 28
Native language: Italian
Locatio: Pistoia
Time zone: Italy
Price:  from € 16 to € 23 depending on the number of lessons
Rating: 100% positive
Detailed profile
About me

Ciao! My name's Simone, I'm 28 years old and I live in Pistoia, pretty close to Florence. After my degree in Philosophy, in 2008, I decided to move to London, where I experimented in first person the benefits of a different culture. It was a great experience for my linguistic and personal growth. I like to keep in contact with foreigners, to share my knowledge and to lear as much as possibile from other points of view.
I'm a very positive, extremely curious, extroverted, happy, interested in all arguments person. I'd like to talk and discuss, using an humorous and not tough approach. Everybody likes to have fun while they learn a language.
I love Literature, expecially italian, american, english and oriental one. I like the power of words, the images that they can create and give us. And, not at least, it's a perfect way to undersand the view of the world and life of other cultures. I could be called a famelic reader. I putted this interest in my thesis, wrote about the philosophical implications in the literature universe, through Italo Calvino, Jean Paul Sartre and Michel Foucault essays.
I'm interested in different forms of arts as music, cinema and architecture. I like to travel, seeing other countries and expanding my cultural orizons. I'd rather to increase in my baggage of notions, day by day. Thanks to you and the experiences you decided to give me, my idea will be closer to its realization.
Qualifications & Experience
In 2008 I took a degree in Teorethical Philosphy (110/110) at the University of Florence. I wrote a thesis between the comparison of Philosophy and Literature in the works of Italo Calvino, one of the most important italian writers. While I attended university I was working for a language school, organizing the courses and taking care of trining aids.
Finished my studies I moved to London for the summer of 2008 to refine my knowledge of english and to make a different experience. I worked there in a bookshop. It was a great period, not only due tue the language, but for my personal growth too.
After my return to Italy I took again my job in the language school. This time as italian theacher. At the same time I had been attending a professional training corse in Florence school as italian theacher in classroom formed by 4 to 15 people from all over the world. In 2009 I took the DITALS II Level (for every student profile) for italian teaching to foreigner, of University of Foreigners of Siena.
During the summer of 2010 I alternated my teaching job with another experience. I was the orchestra inspector for Opera Festival in Florence, whit not only italian musicians.

Teaching Approach
I teach standard italian. My lessons are based on a conversational approach. First of all is important to let the people speak, improving their confidence with italian language. Through this one we can work on listening, reading and writing too. There's no argument we can't deal about. Learning a language doens't mean only to study its grammar and vocabulary, but to gain a knowledge of ideas and thoughts of a country. Language is the first instrument fo discovering and to keep in contact directly with people.
I prefer to use authentical material, as newspapers or music, to understand the structure of language and the sounds of our words. Balanced to the grammar lessons you can find here on this site you can improve your learning. I usually create lessond for my students, focused on their interests.
Learning should be a funny experience!