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Name: Alessandra
Age: 29
Native language:Italian/French
Location: Esino Lario - Como
Time zone: Rome
Price:  from € 18,00 to € 24 depending on the number of lessons
Rating: 100% positive

Detailed profile
About me
Hello to everyone!
My name's Alessandra and I'm 26. I was born and raised in Esino Lario, where I live now. It's a little village near the Lake of Como, a well known place by tourists. It's a peaceful and green environment. I've just moved back to Italy, after living one year and a half in the UK, in the Worcestershire.
I love travelling, animals, reading (especially literature, my favourites are Zola, Dickens and Pirandello), meeting new people and learning about their traditions and customs.
I've always travelled a lot as I have relatives in the USA and in France (my mum's french) and I learnt French when I was little, just listening to it during my long school holidays there.
I love teaching and since I graduated I've been teaching Italian, French and English and made lots of friends.
I'm a joyful and positive person and I work hard.
I can promise you a learning experience that will be worth your money, helping you learning the language and enjoying lessons at the same time.

Qualifications & Experience
I have been studying languages both at the college and at University. I graduated in Milan in Languages and Communication in 2005 at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (110/110 top of my year). My thesis was in French literature, about Zola's novel "La curée".
I worked as a translator both in a firm and privately.
I've just moved back to Italy after one year and a half in the UK. There I worked as a private tutor teaching adults both French and Italian. They loved our lessons, so we're continuing them online though Skype and Msn. I've also found more students, both Italian and French people coming from different countries around the world, and their age range from 17 to 65. I teach beginners as well as advanced students.
It has been a great experience of life leaving in another country, working there and meeting new friends. I love learning new things, speaking with people and I'm easy going and cheerful.
Before moving to the UK, I also taught a little group of students from college English and French literature, helping them improving their results at schools.
We'll obtain very good results for sure, just contact me!
Teaching Approach
Italian and french are my native languages. I can teach you how to use perfect Italian in everyday conversations as well as for your business. I've been studying Italian grammar, phonetics and literature for a long time. I can also help you passing your exams, translating difficult poems and novels, putting together a resume or writing a thesis.
When I teach languages I try to concentrate both on grammar and vocabulary, enjoying our lessons and also teaching you something about our culture and learning from yours.
My students say I'm really patient, kind, organized and cheerful. © Copyright - Italian Language Update School Service