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Make ILUSS a nice gift

After having subscribed, please let us know by email to the name of the person receiving the gift we will send you a printable gift-voucher with ID and Password to access ILUSS Learning Resources.

ILUSS 12 month membership
€ 40 (USD 45)
Learning Resources for dedicated learners

ILUSS Courses

• are designed for beginner to advanced levels,
• are fun, interactive and colorful and include interactive quizzes and games,
• include a structured, step-by-step series of interactive course materials,
• are the result of long experience in teaching foreigners,
• have been carefully tested in class before being used online,
• structured lessons that are easy to use,
• our web-based lessons focus on grammar, writing, vocabulary, listening,
• walk through key grammar, reading and writing topics,
• practice keyword memorization using our flashcard tool.

ILUSS- Italian Language Update School Service is a non-profit organisation which promotes the Italian language and culture abroad. It is a convenient, useful resource for students, schools, colleges, universities, libraries and teachers worldwide. Membership fees enable us to cover our administrative costs and to continue providing new learning materials.

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