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CD learning resources

ILUSS STUDENTS + CD membership
allows you to practice the Italian language offline and online.

We will send you a personal ID and a password with which you can access all the ILUSS learning material online, also the new units which are added monthly to the ILUSS online archives. The Iluss CD is almost a complete copy of Iluss web site, it contains the same units and exercises you can find on ILUSS online. If you don't want to study and exercise Iluss learning material online, now you can do it offline.
ILUSS STUDENTS membership + CD is EURO 49  
ILUSS CD will be mailed to you within three days from your payment

ILUSS CD offers:

- 10 self-assessment tests online
- 8 printable tests
- 70 grammar units
- 300 interactive exercises coming with grammar units.
- 50 reading units accompanied by notes and vocabulary lists
- more than 100 interactive exercises coming with reading units
- easy-to-understand grammatical explanations
- 50 vocabulary exercises
- 65 listening interactive exercises (Mp3)
- 3,000 words used in the lessons and listed in the glossary

Italian Language learning CD
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